An Advocate for 18 years across Florida

 Jill Hill has advocate across the state of Florida for 18 years. She has help hundreds of families get appropriate  special education services. 

Jill started advocating after her son was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. She has worked for the Parent Training and Information Center in Florida for 6 years. She was the Family Advocate for Mental Health America in Northeast Florida  for 6 years. She is a special education teacher. She has taught several different grade levels and exceptionalities. 

Jill provides trainings  on IDEA,  IEP's, 504 Plans, Procedural Safeguards  for the last 12 years. She has worked with several school systems in Florida. She has provided trainings for Public Defender Office, Child Services Organization (Foster Care, Adoption, System of Care, etc) Mental Health professionals, family run organizations and non-profit groups.

Attending Meetings

 Is your child in need of special education services? Is he/she struggling academically, socially or behavior issues? Have you been trying to get the school system to evaluate your child with no results? If you believe the school should do more for your child with special needs, but no matter what you say or do nothing happens, then we may be able to help.

As your Advocate, We support you and your student with special needs. We are not Attorneys. We can help get the support your student needs in the educational setting and develop an appropriate plan.
IDEA law applies to each child equally with disabilities/special needs. They have a right to receive a free appropriate public education. 

At meetings, we can:

  1. Request school to respect and listen to you.
  2. Stay focused on issues.
  3. Discuss Inclusion.
  4. Academic levels.
  5. Have your voice heard.
  6. The school district complies with the laws that protect your child.
  7. Goals, Services, Accommodations and modifications on the IEP are followed.
  8. School staff take and share data. 
  9. Write the most appropriate IEP possible.
  10. Request Evaluation with Appropriate testing by the school district to determine if student qualifies for special education services; including, speech, Language, OT, PT and others

So if you’re having problems having your voice heard about your child and you know there must be a better way, please contact us.  

The Process

Initial Contact: I will speak to the family/guardian over the phone and discuss the issue the  family/guardian feels that need to be addressed with the school. If all parties agree and the family/guardian would like to proceed with hiring an advocate, then there will be a face to face meeting. In the meeting between the family/guardian and the advocate all records, reports, evaluations, diagnosis, grades, behaviors, referrals, etc. with be reviewed.

We will go over the IDEA Law to explain your Rights and Responsibilities. We will work with you to understand the process of Evaluation and Writing an IEP.

If you are interested in knowing more about how the process works and fees, please contact us by email at or Phone/Text (904) 376-5983   

The initial phone call is free

We are not Attorneys, We are Advocates


Jill Hill, and any advocate, employee or independent contractor, working with Jill Hill Training, Advocacy and Consulting Enterprise, LLC., is not a practicing attorney and does not provide legal advice or legal services. 

Furthermore, Jill Hill and Jill Hill Training, Advocacy and Consulting Enterprise, LLC ., or anyone working with or representing Jill Hill Training, Advocacy and Consulting Enterprise, LLC, cannot, and does not, guarantee any specific outcome.


There is a fee for services. The cost is determined by the type and length of support. 

The first initial phone call is free. We may be able to answer simple questions or provide resources without having to hire an advocate. 

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