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Autism... That's my diagnosis

I was born in May of 1996, and adopted by mom and dad. They were so excited to have me after having tried for so many years to have a child.  According to them I was developing very typically until around the age of two. Mom told me I started to loose language and stopped eating everything. My Grandmother Becky started to notice the changes. Because that is what she did, she was a doctor at Early Steps. According to mom she did not believe her but eventually took me in for an evaluation. Grandma Becky told her, "What would it hurt to get him evaluated?". 

After the evaluation, they said I qualified for services, Speech, Language, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy. There was no true diagnosis at that time.  They developed an IFSP (Individual Family Support Plan) to help me. I was eventually diagnosed as PDD-NOS ( pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified).

My mom decided to get an official diagnosis,She took me to many specialist. I went to Nemours, CARD, and a 3 other experts in Autism in Florida. They told my mom and dad the I had Autism. They also said, I would probably never be able to read, develop age appropriate, be in a regular school, I would not have friends, that I would have too many behaviors to be able to be a productive member of our community. One place in Palm Beach suggest to mom and dad that they put me in their  institution/living facility since I would be too much for them to handle. 

I have the best mom and dad, because they kept me home and said they would do all that would be best for me. 

I started Pre-K and Twin Lakes Academy Elementary. I had an amazing teacher. 

More to come

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Thank you to the amazing teachers and staff that have helped me at Duval County Public School:

Duval County Public School

Ginny Johnson

Terrie Bennett

 Paula Quirk, ESE Support

Dana Allen, ESE Support

Toni Payne Previllon

Liz Oliver Overstreet

Gail Roberts

Gail Cane

Amy Valentine

Twin Lakes Elementary

 Karen Capson

Amy Dixon Kenair

Kernan Trails ELementary

Mrs. Melody Davis, Principal

Stephanie Smith

Paula Quirk

 Candace Gray 

 Karma Flotkoetter 

 Tery Rivera

Tammy Pomeroy

Kernan Middle

Annie Fawcett

Angela Baker

Atlantic Coast High School

Shelli Rogers

Emily Bradford

Richard Palmer

Kelly Delaney

Susan Lerschlolarn

Benjamin Rowan 


Alden Road Exceptional Center

Mr. Joseph Blitch, Principal 

Brittany O'Neal

Laura Edmunds

Brianne Graves

Mia Duncan

Sonia Huffman

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