Contact us for more information and to schedule a training for your organization or group.

We have several trainings available, most trainings are 1-2 hours, except Mental Health First Aid (8 hours). Each training  includes Certificate of Attendance, Handouts and emailed copy of training. We will provide all training materials and equipment. The Mental Health First Aid Certification training will include National Certification, Book and handouts.

We can create a training to fit your needs.

The  available trainings:

  • Autism Awareness (this covers updated info and definitions)
  • Autism Awareness Training for First Responders 
  • Intellectual Disabilities
  • Developments  Disabilities
  • How to manage behaviors  in Autism
  • First Person Language
  • My kid has been  diagnosed, Now What?
  • How to advocate for your Child
  • IDEA Law: Individuals  with Disability Education Act
  • IEP: Individualized Education Plan (Special Education) the basics
  • 504 Plan vs. IEP, Which one  is better for my child?
  • How to write an  appropriate IEP
  • IEP: Self Determination (Student led IEP)
  • Do you know your Procedural Safeguards (Rights and Responsibilities in IDEA)
  • Mental Health 101 (Signs  and symptoms)
  • Mental Health, What does  the diagnosis mean?
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Mental Health First Aid  (Adult and Youth) Certification:  It is an 8 hour training on Mental Health with a three year Certification. Youth training  is for people working, living or teaching youth to recognize the signs and symptoms. Adult training is for and about adults signs and symptoms. Suicide discussion/information is included in training. Modules are available for  Veterans,Public Safety, Older Adults, Higher Ed, Fire/EMS